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Straw Dogs – ‘The Story of You’

Straw Dogs are an Americana band hailing from Seattle. They are known for their well-crafted songs, exemplary musicianship and engaging live shows. Straw Dogs songs and members have been featured in national advertising including for Toyota and Eddie Bauer, in indie films, and in the major motion picture “Feast of Love” starring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear. They just released their sixth record titled ‘Your Immaculate Machine’, featuring an impressive 14 tracks that shine a light on the band’s talent. The album features the fine talents of: Dave von Beck – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars; Darren Smith – Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitars; Jeff Fielder – Electric Guitar, Dobro; Scott Becker – Electric Guitar; Casey Miller – Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboard; Riley Mulherkar – Trumpet; and Elie Kopstein and Jen Cowan – Backing Vocals. Off the album, comes the remarkable single “The Story of You.”

Straw Dogs “The Story of You” will immediately impress you with its high-quality writing and radio ready sound. Layers of crunchy guitar, bass, and steady drums create a rock groove, leading things off. Dave von Beck enters with effortless and natural vocals. The song showcases dynamic melodies and wonderful songwriting. Bolstered by vocal harmonies, the verses continue to lure you in as they build up to the catchy chorus. Singing, “Why, why? Why are you always so, oh, fill it in Fill it in I don’t know you anymore Tell the story of you.” Tasteful lead guitar solos play in a tenor register adding a different dynamic to the texture. Using elements of American and indie-rock, “The Story of You” “is an engaging, memorable music experience that listeners will surely add to their libraries. There is an unpredictable honesty to this song that unfolds gently to reveal layers of relationship complexities. “You haven’t always held anger as your go-to response Can you try, try to believe? That it poses no danger To be honest with me.” Lead singer Dave von Beck perfectly captures the mood of the lyrics giving a highly natural performance that fits like a glove without ever getting to “angsty” or dramatic. Instead his vocal interpretation allows the song to feel authentic and sincere. This is a song that will appeal to a wide audience with universal themes that include communication, trust, change, resolution, loss and letting go.

For a special addition to this review, check out on their video of a previous release, “Fire Outside”:

Showcasing superb song-writing, Straw Dogs song “The Story of You’ proves why Straw Dogs are poised for heaps of well-earned praise – their refined vocals, melodic sensibilities and intelligent lyrics are a rare find and once you discover this band, you will surely want to hear more.

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